ISC'17 / Lustre BoF

Date 03:15pm-3:45pm, June 21th, 2017
Venue room Kontrast, Frankfurt, Germany

LUSTRE in HPC & Big Data: Experience, Progress & Issues


  • Frank Baetke, EOFS/Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Sarp Oral, OpenSFS


LUSTRE in HPC and Big Data: Experience, Progress and Issues Session Leaders: Frank Baetke (Hewlett Packard Enterprise, EOFS Chair), Stephen Simms (Indiana University, OpenSFS Chair) LUSTRE is the leading open source parallel file system for HPC. Since 2011 LUSTRE has transitioned to a community developed file system with many contributors from around the world and it is now more widely used in more mission-critical installations than ever. LUSTRE supports HPC and Data Analytics infrastructures beyond its traditional stronghold of scientific research including financial services, energy, manufacturing, life science and digital content creation. At this year’s LUSTRE BoF at ISC 2017 the worldwide community of LUSTRE developers, administrators and solution providers will gather to discuss innovative developments and deployments, the current roadmap and planned new features. A short summary from the LUSTRE users group meeting (LUG 2016) will also be presented. Beyond commercial versions available from solution providers there will be a special focus on experiences and issues with so-called community releases. The community development model has resulted in significant new features, improved stability and broader adoption. The time until new features become available the community release is an issue that will also be discussed. Because LUSTRE is open-source, such a community release is a natural fit for sites looking for a high performance file system without a high price tag. This is particularly the case for smaller sites working with limited hardware and staff.


  • Welcome and AgendaFrank Baetke, HPSlides
  • Communities: EOFS and OpenSFSFrank Baetke, HP
  • Lustre OwnershipHugo Falter, ParTec
  • Lustre and Intel's new RoleTrish Damkroger, Intel
  • Lustre Roadmap – Now and in FutureAdam Roe, IntelSlides
  • Experience with Lustre at DKRZJulian Kunkel, DKRZSlides
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