SC'17 / Lustre BoF

Date 5:15pm-7pm, November 15th, 2017
Venue room 405-406-407, Denver, USA

Link to the official SC announcement.

Lustre Community BOF: Lustre deployments for next 5 years


  • Frank Baetke, EOFS/Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Sarp Oral, OpenSFS/Indiana University


Lustre is the leading open source file system for HPC and is widely used and in more mission-critical installations. Lustre currently supports many HPC infrastructures beyond its traditional stronghold of scientific research including financial services, oil and gas, advanced manufacturing, and visual effects. At this year’s Community BoF, the worldwide community of developers, administrators, and solution providers will gather to discuss the current status of the Lustre community, OpenSFS and EOFS organizations, and also discuss recent feature developments, new challenges and corresponding opportunities for the next 5 years of Lustre. Summaries of LUG2017 and LAD 2017 will be presented.


  • 5:15 Welcome and AgendaFrank Baekte, Sarp Oral
  • 5:20 Who belongs to the LUSTRE community - a short assessmentFrank Baekte, Sarp Oral
    • Users / Sites using LUSTRE
    • Contributors / Developers
    • Vendors and VARs
    • Organizations promoting LUSTRE (EOFS and OpenSFS)
    • Prospects (Potential Users and others who are interested to participate)
  • 5:30 Upcoming Lustre Community Events
    • LUG 2018, Lustre BoF @ ISC'18, LAD'18
    • Lustre Ecosystems 2018
  • 5:35 Legal Aspects of LUSTREHugo Falter
  • 5:40 The LUSTRE Roadmap - Release Dates and FeaturesPeter Jones
  • 5:45 Directed General DiscussionPresenter: Andreas Dilger. Moderators: Frank Baekte, Sarp Oral
    • Data on MDT
    • File Level Redundancy
    • Client side compression
    • Tiered storage with Composite Layouts
  • 7:00 Adjourn
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