SC'18 / Lustre BoF

Date Tuesday, 12:15pm-1:15pm, November 13th, 2018
Venue room C140/142, Texas, USA

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LUSTRE® in HPC and Emerging Data Markets: Roadmap, Features and Challenges


  • Sarp Oral, OpenSFS/ORNL
  • Frank Baetke, EOFS/representing HPE


Lustre is the leading open source file system for HPC. Over 70% of the top 100 supercomputers use Lustre. It is a community developed technology with contributors from around the world. Lustre currently supports many HPC infrastructures beyond scientific research, sch as financial services, oil and gas and advanced manufacturing. Lustre clients are available for variety of technologies, such as x86, POWER, and ARM. At this BOF, Lustre developers, administrators, and solution providers will gather to discuss recent Lustre developments, challenges, and corresponding opportunities for the next 5 years of Lustre, including the role of Lustre in future exascale environments.


  • 12:15 Welcome and AgendaSarp Oral, Frank Baekte
  • 12:20 The Future of LUSTRE @ DDN/WhamcloudRobert Triendl (DDN)
  • 12:30 LUSTRE® Roadmap UpdatePeter Jones (OpenSFS/LWG – Whamcloud/DDN)
  • 12:40 Technical DiscussionPeter Jones et al.
  • 1:10 Upcoming LUSTRE® Community EventsSarp Oral, Frank Baetke
  • 1:15 Adjourn
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