ISC'21 / BeeGFS BoF

Date Thursday, July 1, 2021 2:35 PM to 3:10 PM
Venue Virtual

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BeeGFS – Architecture, Innovative Implementations and Development Plans


  • Frank Baetke (EOFS)
  • Peter Braam (ThinkParQ)
  • Philipp Falk (ThinkParQ)
  • Frank Herold (ThinkParQ GmbH)
  • Troy Patterson (ThinkParQ GmbH)


BeeGFS is recognized by the HPC community as a highly valued, robust, powerful parallel file system that delivers from small sites, to large scale-out environments.

With its source code being publicly available, along with the continuous support from the community, BeeGFS (developed and delivered globally by ThinkParQ), is seen as an easy-deployable alternative to other file systems.

Led by the BeeGFS development and architectural team, the BoF session will begin with a brief architectural overview of BeeGFS, followed by the product direction and development plans along with the product roadmap.

A member of the BeeGFS community, will lead the final part of the BoF, discussing how a parallel file system accelerates their infrastructure, the processes and testing they undertook in selecting the right solution, and the experiences and challenges they have overcome since deployment.

The audience will be encouraged by the presenters to interact throughout this interactive session by sharing their views and feedback in relation to the product roadmap and development plans. The speakers will also discuss how the community can get more involved with the future development of BeeGFS.

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