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The role of EOFS in Lustre

EOFS and OpenSFS obtained Lustre assets from Seagate Seagate announced an agreement to transfer assets relating to the to OpenSFS and EOFS. Learn more about this agreement.

Lustre Community Website

All Lustre community version related information is available on the Lustre website.

See also the Wiki, particularly,

Lustre Training

Intel hosts a Lustre training with several levels of expertise.

EOFS - Lustre

EOFS agreed on the following and decided on March 22nd, 2011

  • We all agree on one repository for Lustre®
  • We fully support the upcoming 2.1 community release of Lustre® (provided by Whamcloud).
  • We acknowledge our members efforts to continue contributing to the further development and support of Lustre® and add features/patches to the single repository.
  • We encourage further contribution.

The future of Lustre®

Lustre® already dominates the TOP 500 (June 2010) at the top 100 Systems Next release will be Lustre® 2.1 provided by Whamcloud (summer 2011) At LUG (Orlando, April 2011): Merging of HPFS and openSFS - Close relationship / cowork between openSFS and EOFS

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