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Bull is the Atos brand for its technology products and software, which are today distributed in over 50 countries worldwide. With a rich heritage of over 80 years of technological innovation, 2000 patents and a 700 strong R&D team supported by the Atos Scientific Community, it offers products and value-added software to assist clients in their digital transformation, specifically in the areas of Big Data and Cybersecurity.

Bull is the European leader in HPC and its products include sequana, the open supercomputer that prepares for the exascale; bullx, the energy-efficient supercomputer; bullion, one of the most powerful x86 servers in the world developed to meet the challenges of Big Data; Evidian, the software security solutions for identity and access management; Trustway, the hardware security module and Hoox, the ultra-secure smartphone. Bull is part of Atos.

Atos and Bull in Extreme Computing

As Europe’s only supercomputer manufacturer through its brand Bull, Atos operates in the ultrahigh processing power market, to accelerate its customers’ research and innovation. With its Extreme Computing solutions – focused around its sequana and bullx™ supercomputers – Atos delivers all the benefits of a leader in Petascale technologies to everyone from research centers to the design offices of major multi-nationals, or to innovative SMEs.

Over the years, Bull supercomputers have gained a strong presence in the list of the world’s top supercomputers. With more HPC specialists than any other player in Europe, Atos is recognized for the technological excellence of its Bull systems, its HPC applications expertise and its ability to manage large-scale projects. Across the world, numerous institutions (Météo-France, CEA in France, SURFsara in the Netherlands, LNCC in Brazil, CSC in Finland, DKRZ in Germany, the Universities of Dresden, Rijeka, Grenoble, Reims Champagne Ardenne and many others) and companies (CCRT, Dassault-Aviation, Cenaero) have turned to Atos to implement powerful, robust systems that are easy to manage and use, and are designed for round-the-clock operation. Every day, thanks to their Bull systems, their researchers and engineers are pushing back the boundaries of the possible.

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