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ThinkParQ was founded as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Center for HPC by the key people behind the parallel file system BeeGFS to bring the file system to all organizations and industries, which have a need for fast and robust storage. ThinkParQ develops new features for BeeGFS in cooperation with the Fraunhofer HPC center, provides professional support services and consulting world wide, organizes events and works very closely with system integrators in creating turn-key solutions. As of 2016 the BeeGFS source code is publicly available. This was in response to a rising demand of the customers and an ever-expanding and more active community. On the other hand, the BeeGFS source code is platform indepedendent and the available source code allows people to easily compile BeeGFS for emerging new plattforms like ARM and OpenPOWER which are also officially supported by ThinkParQ. And with the expecation of more heterogeneous systems in the future, this gives users the opportunity for high performance data access from all their systems.

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