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EOFS - European Open File System

The EOFS (European Open File System) was founded 15th December 2010 in Munich as a Non-Profit organization. The purpose of the European Open File System SCE is the promotion and servicing of the member's needs.

EOFS goals

  • To promote the establishment and adoption of open source parallel file systems, sustain and enhance its quality, capabilities and functionality and ensure that specific requirements of European organizations, institutions and companies are upheld.
  • To facilitate the extension of business operations to non-members.
  • To initiate projects or to collaborate with existing projects at regional, national, European and international level in order to support Research & Development activities concerning Open File Systems.
  • To ensure that engagement and activities with other organizations will not directly or indirectly interfere with the intellectual property or other contractual and legal obligations of its members.
  • To operate as a non-profit organization.

Upcoming events

  • 2020-06-21 – (June 21-25) ISC 2020 in Frankfurt, M.
    • EOFS General Assembly on Monday, June 22 (8:00-9:00)
    • LUSTRE in HPC, BigData and AI: Status, New Features, and Roadmap
    • Shaping tomorrow with BeeGFS. The architecture, technology, product direction, and development plans
    • The Virtual Institute for IO and the IO500
    • Data-Centric Computing for the Next Generation
  • 2020-06-09 – (June 09-12) LUG (Lustre User Group) at NERSC in Berkeley, CA, Cancelled


Further news

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