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EOFS - Lustre

EOFS agreed on the following and decided on March 22nd, 2011:

  • We all agree on one repository for Lustre®
  • We fully support the upcoming 2.1 community release of Lustre® (provided by Whamcloud).
  • We acknowledge our members efforts to continue contributing to the further development and support of Lustre® and add features/patches to the single repository.
  • We encourage further contribution.

The future of Lustre®:

  • Lustre® already dominates the TOP 500 (June 2010) at the top 100 Systems
  • Next release will be Lustre® 2.1 provided by Whamcloud (summer 2011)
  • At LUG (Orlando, April 2011): Merging of HPFS and openSFS - Close relationship / cowork between openSFS and EOFS