LAD 21

DateSeptember 28-30, 2021
VenueOnline webinar

Lustre Admins & Devs Workshop is a great opportunity for Lustre worldwide administrators and developers to gather and exchange their experiences, developments, tools, good practices and more.

To avoid possible inconvenience in the case of a new upsurge in the COVID19 pandemic or due to restrictions on international travels, we find it preferable to make LAD21 a virtual event again this year.

Pre-recorded presentations will be aired online from September 28th to September 30th. To provide maximum coverage of the different time zones, sessions will be broadcast twice a day, once at 8AM UTC (10AM CEST), and once at 4PM UTC (6PM CEST). A chat platform will make it possible to ask questions about presentations, discuss with speakers and other members of the Lustre community.


Registration is open! It is free of charge.

There is one distinct registration for 8AM UTC sessions and 4PM UTC sessions:


Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session (+ break) of 5 minutes.

Q&A sessions will take place on Zulip (you will receive an invitation to the chat room after registering for the webinar).

Tuesday, September 28th 2021 – Managing a Lustre filesystem

  • Welcome and organization
  • Community Update – Peter Jones (WhamCloud) Video Slides
  • Lustre Over BXI Update – Grégoire Pichon (Atos) Video Slides
  • Troubleshooting LNet Multi-Rail – Chris Horn (HPE) Video Slides
  • An Aged Cluster File System: Problems and Solutions – Artem Blagodarenko (HPE) Video Slides

Wednesday, September 29th 2021 – Extending Lustre: new features and designs

  • Lustre 2.15 and Beyond – Andreas Dilger (WhamCloud) Video Slides
  • New Extensions for Project ID and Quota of Lustre – Hongchao Zhang and Li Xi (Whamcloud/DDN) Video Slides
  • Lustre Single Stream Performance – Patrick Farrell (Whamcloud) Video Slides
  • Status of native Linux Lustre – James Simmons (ORNL) Video Slides
  • Lustre Writeback Caching: Design, implementation and future work – Li Xi and Qian Yingjin (DDN) Video Slides

Thursday, September 30th 2021 – Customizing Lustre filesystems

  • Shifting a Lustre filesystem to flash: challenges and caveats – Diego Moreno (ETH Zurich) Video Slides
  • Coordinatool: lustre userspace coordinator – Dominique Martinet (freelance) Video Slides
  • DAOS/Lustre Integration – Johann Lombardi, Bruno Faccini and Kevin Harms (Intel) Video Slides1 Slides2
  • Lustre-OpenStack integration – Thomas Leibovici (CEA) and Jean-Sébastien Bevilacqua (LINAGORA) Video Slides

Call for presentations

Sorry to any last minute contributors, the agenda is full for this year!

Do not hesitate to submit your presentations to next year’s LAD, or to other events in the Lustre community (LUG…).

Important Dates

Call for papersJune 2021
Preliminary agendaAugust 2021
Presentations proposal deadlineSeptember 1st, 2021
Publication of the final agenda / Registration opensSeptember 8th, 2021
LAD’21September 28-30, 2021

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