Technische Universität Dresden

Technische Universität Dresden

The Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH) is a central scientific unit of the Technische Universität Dresden with a broad spectrum of services and research competencies. It is responsible for the communication infrastructure of the university and operates the central information technology servers and services. In addition, with its interdisciplinary orientation, ZIH supports other departments and institutions in their research and education for all matters related to information technology and computer science.

As competence center for parallel and data-intensive computing, ZIH provides HPC systems and services for more than 200 active research groups and develops solutions for large-scale data processing and analysis in close collaboration with domain scientists. In addition, the ZIH is coordinator of the national Big Data competence center ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig. In close collaboration with the University Leipzig and partners from different application domains, techniques for data analysis to improve services for scientific data analysis and processing in HPC and cluster computing will be generated by intensive methodological research. read more

Performance optimization and analysis of applications for High Performance Computing is one of the main research areas at ZIH. The availability and use of scalable, user-friendly, simple to handle software tools can save an enormous amount of time in the development of applications and the diagnosis of their behavior, in view of achieving a more efficient utilization of the computing resources. 

Parallel file systems that are shared by many compute nodes pose additional challenge for the analysis. ZIH has a long experience in developing monitoring and event tracing environments that consider shared system resources and especially I/O events. With the participation in many successfully completed and many running research projects we always expand the capabilities of our tools.

On our HPC machines, we have been running Lustre on different systems since 2006. An overview of the HPC-Systems and the file systems available at TU Dresden is given at the web sites of the Gauss Alliance and the ZIH.

The Technische Universität Dresden is a member of the Gauß-Allianz

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